Live Polls & Surveys

Keep your audience engaged and get instant feedback

Create polls on the fly

Make your meetings or events more interactive! Create a poll in seconds, ask your participants their opinion and let them vote instantly from any device.

Display the results in real time

Show time! Display poll results live on screen as the votes come in and find out who your participants are or what they think.

Fit the format to your needs

With 6 different question types, there’s one to suit every situation! Check the pulse of your audience with emojis, gauge knowledge with multiple choice questions, or capture insights with a kinetic word cloud.

Capture essential data with Surveys

Group multiple poll questions into a survey and use it to collect essential data from your participants in the moment.

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Enable everyone to voice their ideas and vote for the one they like the most.

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Empower your participants to ask questions and vote for the ones they most want answered.

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Play to people’s competitive spirit in a fun and interactive way.

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