Gamify the learning experience and make content stick!

Make learning fun & effective

Content consumed in an interactive way is bound to stick! Design a quiz by using a variety of formats based on learning needs and help your attendees learn better.

Boost the energy with an improvised Buzzer

Hosting a presentation with Sparkup is just as fun as playing it. Create a buzzer in seconds, ask your question out loud and make your attendee feel like they’re on a TV show!

Bring out the competitive spirit with The Race!

Turn your meeting into an intense competition with a speed quiz and get your attendees to answer correctly to win the race! Ready, set, go!

Display the top players

At the end of your session, display the leaderboard to show the top players.

Explore use cases

Validate knowledge

Validate your students' knowledge through quizzes and challenges at any time.

Challenge your students

Test your students during class with a fun and competitive activity.

Guess the correct answer

Test your groups’ knowledge during the training session in an entertaining way.