Engage your audience

With Sparkup, engaging your audience has never been easier. Accessible instantly, from any device, Sparkup allows everyone to express themselves, vote, ask questions and share their ideas in real time.


Collect the top questions from your audience

Let your participants ask questions from any device and vote for their favorites ones.

Turn on moderation to filter inappropriate questions before they go live.

Live Polls

Capture participants' opinion in real time

Create a poll in few seconds, ask your participants their opinion and share the results live.

Word clouds, multiple-choice, Yes/No or Emoji Reactions… choose the poll type that suits your needs.

Quizzes and Challenges

Gamify the learning experience

Test your audience’s knowledge with intense competition quizzes and boost engagement.

From sales training, to product and compliance, create a fun learning experience and make knowledge stick.


Curate the best ideas, instantly

Enable everyone to voice their ideas and vote for the one they like the most to help you prioritize.

Don’t miss out on good ideas anymore with anonymous mode and run effective brainstorming sessions.

Get detailed reports

Collect relevant data

Easily view the number of participants, questions, poll results, individual and collective quizzes’ scores and more from your event.

Get all those results in just one click and take the guesswork out of measuring audience engagement at your events.

Support and features

A complete and easy-to-use solution

In order to achieve maximum interaction Sparkup relies on a set of features and interfaces dedicated to creating your content and displaying results in live mode.