A strategic engagement platform for all your meetings and events

Expand the engagement spectrum, optimize the level of interactivity and maximize data capture across all your online and offline events.

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Get participants more involved in your Q&A sessions

Empower your participants to ask questions from any device and vote for the ones they most want answered.

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Live Polls & Surveys

Get instant feedback from your audience

Want to know what everyone is thinking? Create a poll in few seconds, ask your participants their input and share the results live.

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Gamify the learning experience

Create a fun learning experience with energy-boosting quizzes so that knowledge sticks.

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Amplify and easily organize everyone’s ideas

Don’t miss out on good ideas anymore! Enable everyone to voice their ideas and vote for the one they like the most. Sparkup helps you easily sort and categorize ideas to highlight the best ones.

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Distill actionable insight from the data

Leverage the interaction data for new content creation, insight sharing, or for analysis to help with decision making.

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Fine tune your interactive touchpoints


Keep an eye on content that participants post and moderate wherever necessary.


Customize Sparkup with your brand logo and colors.

Event app integration

Let participants use Sparkup within your preferred event app.

Selfie Reveal

Create a beautiful live animation with your attendees’ profile photos.


No need to switch between document apps - just use your slideshows and other documents (PDF) directly in Sparkup.

Multi Room

Use Sparkup in multiple sessions at the same time.