Engage your audience

With Sparkup, engaging your audience has never been easier. The platform is accessible on any device without downloading. Sparkup offers simple activities that allow everyone to express themselves, provide feedback and share their ideas in the office as well as remotely.


Make self-expression easier

Give your participants a chance to speak up, whether they are present or participating remotely.

Moderate and display the most relevant questions to optimize the time and quality of your Questions&Answers sessions.

Polls and Votes

Engage your audience

Gather your participants' thoughts and opinions and display the results in real time.

Wordclouds, votes, polls… Use different activity formats to discover trends, evaluate your participants or receive their feedback.

Quizzes and Challenges

Challenge your participants

Transform your sessions into intense competitions to boost your participants' engagement.

Test and verify your participants' knowledge with a series of fun and entertaining game-like activities.

Brainstorming and Photostory

Unleash creativity

Brainstorming or Photostory: choose the form of expression that will encourage your participants to share their ideas and boost collective intelligence.

Launch the activities in just a few seconds and instantly discuss ideas and results with the whole group to make the best decisions.

Dashboard and export

Collect relevant data

Get the results in just one click and receive your meeting, training or event reports.

Scores, questions, evaluation … Analyze all the results in detail in order to help your participants to move forward, share content or improve your meetings' format.

Support and features

A complete and easy-to-use solution

In order to achieve maximum interaction Sparkup relies on a set of features and interfaces dedicated to creating your content and displaying results in live mode.