Your all-in-one platform for audience engagement

Create interactive and engaging meetings, presentations, events and training that people will remember.

Audience Interaction

Host your most interactive event yet

Sparkup offers premium audience interaction and gamification tools to energize your participants, capture their views and make everyone feel included.

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Native Live Stream

Engage with high-quality live streams

Sparkup platform offers a native live streaming solution with ultra-low latency capability to create smooth and near-instant interactions with your audience.

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Live Mosaik

Feel the joy of being all together

Recreate an authentic sense of cohesion, spontaneity and interactivity with the virtual audience. Everyone is visible together, feeling part of the event and sharing the emotional energy.

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Measure audience engagement

Analyze engagement levels to understand the impact of content and flow of your event.
Sparkup captures your attendees’ live reactions and all interaction data to help you learn how to optimize the design of your events.

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Fine tune your interactive touchpoints


Keep an eye on content that participants post and moderate wherever necessary.


Customize Sparkup with your brand logo and colors.

Multi Room

Use Sparkup in multiple sessions at the same time.

Embed Video into Sparkup

Embed your live video stream (Youtube, Vimeo etc.) directly into Sparkup.


Integrate Sparkup into your Event Management Software or Website.

Team templates

Create and share templates of interactive scenarios for your team to use.