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Create immersive and interactive event experiences

Sparkup is a platform to boost real-time participation and offer everyone a front row experience. Make all your attendees part of your event, whether virtual, hybrid or in-person.

2000+ companies maximize audience engagement with Sparkup

No more passive participants.
Everyone is engaged.

Energize your audience

Create visual and highly-interactive experiences to keep your audience focus and energized throughout the event.

Maximize live engagement

Give a voice to your audience with live polls, word clouds, Q&As, brainstorms and game-based participation features.

Make distance irrelevant

Make everyone visible in a virtual audience to humanize the online experience.

Discover Sparkup

Make your audience feel heard.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Enrich any situation with interaction to motivate your participants


Deliver interactive presentations and give everyone a voice during meetings.


Gamify your organization’s training sessions and onboardings to improve learning.

Company culture

Create two-ways conversations in the workplace to improve employee engagement.


Keep the level of attention and energy high to make your events memorable.

Boost your existing tools

Increase the impact of your current tools by leveraging the interactive power of Sparkup

The platform for interactive meetings and events people trust

Events and companies of all sizes are using Sparkup to increase engagement

Sparkup helps us energize presentations and create real moments of sharing. All attendees are at the heart of the action and take part in the discussions.

Leslie Labruyère

Sparkup really stimulates attendees’ participation. Everyone can ask a question or share their opinion.

Isabelle Jasiowka
Malakoff Médéric Humanis

With Sparkup, people feel engaged. It literally changed our onboardings from boring powerpoint presentations to interactive participation.

Kenny de Mulder
Coca-Cola European Partners