Collect relevant feedback with the Evaluation

Would you like to get trends and analyze your participants’ individual or global progress? Follow this tutorial.

Collect relevant data with the Individual Poll

Would you like to get individual feedback in real time? Follow this tutorial.

Test the knowledge with the Individual Quiz

Would you like to follow and analyze individual results to validate the acquired knowledge? Follow this tutorial.

Collect feedback with the Word Cloud

Would you like to break the ice and collect feedback in a World Cloud? Follow this tutorial.

Organize your team’s ideas with a Brainstorming

Would you like to facilitate everyone's expression and promote collective intelligence with Brainstorming? Follow this tutorial.

Boost your sessions with a Buzzer

Do you want to wake your participants up and boost your sessions with the Buzzer? Follow this tutorial.

Unleash group creativity with the Photostory

Would you like to unleash your participants creativity with the Sparkup Photostory? Follow this tutorial.

How to Join a Sparkup meeting remotely

Are you leading a remote meeting? Here's how your participants connect and monitor interactions remotely.

Collect relevant data with the Poll

Would you like to collect data on your audience in real time with the Sparkup Survey? Follow this tutorial.

Present your Slides smoothly

Would you like to integrate slides and present them seamlessly directly from Sparkup? Follow this tutorial.