3 Things You Need to Do to Make Your Speaker Presentation Rock

Inspiring, memorable, engaging — these are just a few of the words that should mark your speaker presentation.

Knowing what the final product should look like and getting there are two different things, however.

If you’ve ever tried to plan a conference as an event professional and had the actual experience fall flat, you already know that.

So just how do you get from lofty presentation goals to implementation to reality?

It all comes down to audience interaction — the key to improving speaker presentations. Here’s some tried-and-true advice.

1. Give them control

A passive audience is a bored audience. Not even your well-rehearsed presentation can compensate for an audience that’s not involved in the presentation. And you definitely need more than a PowerPoint.

Word Clouds

With an event app, you can get the audience involved. Instead of sitting back and listening to a presentation, offering attendees a way to participate via a word cloud shifts the event into participatory mode.

So what’s a word cloud? Your event app lets you ask a question or present a topic, and participants can “vote” on the app for the word or phrase that best reflects their experience or desire. The on-stage event screen populates with the words attendees select, and the most-popular words appear as the largest words on the screen.

Capture d’écran 2018-08-30 à 14.56.31.png

Live Voting

Another innovative way to engage the audience, with line voting your speaker turns attendees loose on the event app, which offers several answers to a question. The attendees then select their answer and the event screen populates with the results.

With these methods, answers remain anonymous, giving those less inclined to speak out a way to get involved in the discussion.

Capture d’écran 2018-08-30 à 14.57.14.png

2. Get them involved

It’s a challenge to involve a large audience in a presentation — but not if you have a unique, digital way to involve them in the process.


Get your group in an interactive mode with a brainstorming activity. Here, participants generate ideas and ask questions. The group then works together to organize the ideas and present results to advance the discussion.

3. Use cool technology

The Sparkup event and conferences solution provides all of the innovative technology you need to turn a run-of-the-mill speaker presentation into an event that wows the audience. With an engaged audience, you’ll get the outcome you’ve always wanted from your events.

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The difference between knowing what you need to convey at an event and actually getting that message across lies in the technology you use. Sparkup’s event solution turns a boring, passive speaker presentation into one that will have your attendees talking — for a long time.