Corporate Events Are Entering The Collaborative Era!

What is the dream of any CEO? To appear on the cover of Forbes magazine? Not really. Surpass Bill Gates on the list of the world’s biggest fortunes? It seems tempting, but hardly possible. Instill a collaborative spirit in the company? Bingo! Luckily, corporate events are an option that has much to offer…

What does collaboration actually mean?

Just for once, let’s pretend to be at a lesson! To be more precise, at a lesson of Latin. Don’t frown, it’s for your own good! The word « collaborate » comes from the Latin CUM (with) and LABORARER (to work). So, from the point of view of etymology, to collaborate means to work together.

Now that we agree on the meaning of the word, let’s move on and play a little game, or rather do a small test. Say these magic words in front of your boss: «work together». You will see a huge smile light up his face…

Engage the driving forces of your company

For a long time, pyramid-shaped organization prevailed in company structures. Decisions made by those at the top of the hierarchy were imposed upon employees without any actual discussion with them. But that time has passed!

Workshops, conferences, meetings: a collaborative spirit is being instilled everywhere and it is changing the old habits! From now on, ideas go from the base of the pyramid to the top, and vice versa. Event apps (applications designed for corporate events) support and encourage these changes…

Encourage independence inside the company

Calling upon collective intelligence means allowing everyone to express their ideas and make proposals. Such a framework encourages a corporate culture that fosters greater autonomy.

The result? All company processes run faster, and decision-making becomes smoother.

An example is better than a thousand words. Let’s take a soccer team. Can you imagine the players consulting with their trainer every time before kicking the ball? Then why would you want to have such lack of autonomy within your company?

Allow employees to participate in the company strategy

If your employees feel that they have contributed to the development of the company strategy, they will be more likely to implement it. That’s the key aspect of collaboration!

What exactly should you do? During a workshop, use an event app to allow everyone to express their opinion about the company’s global strategy. Encourage a discussion of their proposals to establish the most relevant ones. The company can only gain from such an approach…

Reinforce team cohesion

What is the key to team success? Cohesion between the team members! We could return to our example of the soccer team again, but you have already understood the point!

In order to achieve this cohesion, workshops, meetings and integration weekends should focus on the collaborative spirit. Success is guaranteed…