Technology At The Service Of The Event Industry

Finally, after weeks of hard work and gallons of coffee your time has come! The company’s event plan is ready. Conferences, workshops, integration weekends, everything is planned. This year, you have decided to amaze your collaborators with an innovative approach. What is your secret weapon? Technology!

Spreading information

From young bucks to seasoned managers, everyone will unanimously agree that spreading information is the cornerstone of any company.

Do not forget this precious fact if you want your event strategy to be successful.

How can technology help you? Participants can sign up online for the next workshop, you can easily publish an access plan or a content summary and make them available via iCloud – these are only several examples of what digital technologies can give you.

As you know, quick dissemination of information is a guarantee of success!

It’s time to facilitate the organization of your company’s events.

​Ensuring better communication

Lectures are known to have a powerful sleep-inducing effect on students in university classrooms in France and all over the world.

Do you want to capture the attention of your participants during the next company meeting? Then your slogan should be: interaction!

How can technology help you? Digital technologies allow speakers to interact with their public.

For example, an interactive quiz is an excellent way to stimulate your collaborators. Try it, the results may be surprising…

Using the talent of every participant

Your company is full of talents. One of your collaborators will without a doubt win the next Nobel prize in economics! Give these brilliant minds a chance to shine and express themselves. Collaboration is one of the key aspects of corporate events.

How can technology help you? Nothing can stimulate a brainstorming session better than digital technologies! Sparkup, for example, includes multiple collaborative modules.

They allow each participant to express their ideas during meetings without disrupting the smooth running of the discussion. What could be better?

Making events more entertaining

Your collaborators are just like kids! Behind the perfect ties and sober business suits hides the irresistible desire to play! It’s up to you to put this desire to work…

How can technology help you? To improve your company’s event strategy, try using gamification! Digital technologies, multimedia and virtual reality will make your collaborative working sessions more entertaining. And as a result, you are bound to notice a growth of efficiency…

Allowing better evaluation of return on investment

Implementing an event-management policy is great, being able to measure its efficiency is event better! There is no denying that return on investment is a determining factor when evaluating the success of a corporate event.

How can technology help you? By optimizing the process of collecting and analyzing information, digital technologies allow you to evaluate the impact of the meeting or workshop with great precision. Judging by your smile, you have realized the powerful leveraging effect of technology!