Sparkup launches Sparkup Events, a complete Event Management Solution

Nov. 21, 2023

Sparkup Events

Sparkup, a leading platform for audience engagement, announces the official launch of Sparkup Events, an end-to-end event management solution. This solution is designed to give event organizers all the flexibility they need to plan and manage all their events regardless of the size, format, or complexity. With this launch, Sparkup now provides a 360° platform that combines powerful event management solutions with unique audience engagement tools, perfect to help event professionals captivate their audiences at every step of their events.

Sparkup Events is an event management solution designed to flex for any event, no matter the size or format - on-site, virtual, and hybrid. Event organizers can send targeted email campaigns, customize registration forms, create on-brand event websites, moderate event access and attendees’ lists, personalize attendees journeys, add paid and free tickets, promo codes, manage check-ins and badges, facilitate networking, analyze data, and much more.

What also sets Sparkup Events apart is the high level of customization and security the solution provides. Event organizers can enjoy flexible and easy-to-use tools to manage every detail of their events and create entirely custom experiences. In terms of security, Sparkup Events meets the highest requirements. A trusted solution for IT managers that has been audited by cybersecurity specialists and that meets the highest security standards to ensure scalability, reliability, and data confidentiality.

With this launch, Sparkup brings its current video engagement and interactivity platform to the next level with powerful event management tools. Event professionals will thus benefit from a complete platform to efficiently manage virtual, hybrid, and in-person events, and create more interactive and immersive live experiences .

"Between event management solutions and engagement solutions, Sparkup now offers the best of both worlds with a 360° platform. Our goal is to simplify the lives of event organizers and allow them to focus on what's essential. No more need to multiply integrations between tools. It's easier than ever to gather and engage audiences of all sizes, wherever they are in the world," says Vincent Bruneau, founder and CEO of Sparkup.

Discover Sparkup Event and learn how to captivate your audience at every step of your experience