Create premium interactive experiences

Maintain audience focus and energy, and deliver key points with premium audience interaction features!


Get participants more involved in your Q&A sessions

Empower your participants to ask questions from any device and vote for the ones they most want answered.

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Live Polls & Surveys

Get instant feedback from your audience

Want to know what everyone is thinking? Create a poll in few seconds, ask your participants their input and share the results live.

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Energize your audience

Create a fun learning experience with energy-boosting quizzes so that knowledge sticks.

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Amplify and easily organize everyone’s ideas

Don’t miss out on good ideas anymore! Enable everyone to voice their ideas and vote for the one they like the most. Sparkup helps you easily sort and categorize ideas to highlight the best ones.

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Logo Reveal

One audience. One logo. A sense of belonging

Unite your audience around your company, your product or your brand.
This beautiful live animation generates a photo mosaic of your logo with the photos of your attendees and the music of your choice. Perfect to wow your audience.