Bring everyone together on virtual and hybrid events

Enjoy easy-to-use and powerful tools to generate a qualitative virtual audience and give remote attendees a completely immersive seat in your event venue.

Every attendee gets a front row seat

Utilizing video boards installed within an event or studio space, Sparkup pulls live feeds from attendees to display a mosaic with no attendance capacity limitations. Everyone is visible, as if they were sitting there in the room.

Customize your virtual audience to match your scenography

Choose the shape

Choose from 5 different shapes for the mosaic tiles and change whenever you want (Hexagon, circle, rectangle, diamond or square).

Adapt the size

Adapt the size and space between the mosaic tiles to fit your screen and choose the number of people visible.

Add background

Add an image or a video background to the mosaic to match the mosaic style with your brand colors.

Give everyone a chance to be in the limelight

Thanks to an automatic rotation of the attendees, Mosaik by Sparkup gives everyone a chance to be seen in the virtual audience.

Sparkup virtual audience rotation

Get full control over the look of the show

visibility-off icon

Ban anyone you want in one click

Remove anyone you want from the mosaic at any time and in one click to keep control over what appears in the virtual audience.

camera-off icon

AI-based black screen moderation

Mosaik by Sparkup automatically removes hidden and switched off cameras, and empty seats to make sure your virtual audience is always full!