One platform to unleash the magic of all your events and webinars

From webinars to grand conventions, kick-offs to seminars, Sparkup offers all the tools you need to design virtual, hybrid, and in-person events that truly stand out.

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Sparkup trusted platform


ISO27001, GDPR and Tier 3 Certified platform for secure events.

Sparkup personalizable platform


Brand every touchpoint, from invites to emails, with your unique flair.

Sparkup AI powered platform


Boost event quality with AI-powered tools.

Sparkup All in one platform


Manage all event aspects, from sign-up to live interaction and analysis.

Sparkup flexible platform


Offer memorable experiences for virtual, hybrid and on-site events.

Sparkup registration

Know your audience to wow your audience

Design personalized forms to capture accurate data and offer your attendees customized journeys they'll remember.

  • Customized forms
  • Attendee categorization (VIP, Buyers...)
  • Free and paid registration, promo codes
Sparkup email and website

Captivate with eye-catching websites and emails

Create event websites and landing pages that look like your brand, send targeted emails and increase your ROI with sold out events.

  • Branded event websites and pages
  • Event Content (speakers, agenda, media...)
  • Targeted and personalized email campaigns
  • SMS campaigns
Sparkup Live Streaming

Video quality that makes people want to stay connected

Broadcast high quality live video on every device for your live streams, webinars and virtual events. Even if someone has weak internet, the video stream won't be blurry or choppy.

  • Full HD (1080p)
  • Ultra-low latency video
  • Video Recordings

Turn your events into engagement machines

Make every attendees an active part of the show with easy-to-use yet powerful engagement tools, designed for both in-person and remote use.

  • Make attendees part of the show

    Teleport attendees to a front row seat to facilitate two-way interactions across the globe.

  • Feel the emotions of your audience

    Allow your participants to express their emotions with customizable emojis to visualize engagement.

  • Create engaging conversations

    Give everyone a chance to join the conversation and bring important topics to light.

  • Grab and hold the attention

    Add live polls and quizzes on the video to make your content more dynamic.

  • Give a voice to everyone

    Enable participants to raise their hand to join the conversation on stage.

  • Amp up the energy

    Bring out the competitive spirit with individual or team leaderboards.

Sparkup interactive stage Sparkup Emoji Reactions Sparkup Live Chat and Q&A Sparkup Polls and Quizzes Sparkup Raise your Hand Sparkup leaderboard and gamification Sparkup Controls Bar
Sparkup badge and check in

Simplicity is the essence of happiness

Provide a smooth and quick check-in experience. Simply register participants and generate data.

  • Custom badges with QR Code
  • Check-in points
  • Badge scanning application
Sparkup networking

Efficient networking for remarkable outcomes

Make spontaneous networking easier between your attendees. Help your exhibitors and sponsors connect themselves with attendees, and create a sense community.

  • Chats, Video Conversations and Forums
  • Sponsors and Exhibitors Marketplace
  • Lead Retrieval Solution
Sparkup analytics

Becoming better starts with understanding

Collect data that matters and leverage it to craft content, refine your formats, and sustainably connect with your communities.

It’s not just our logo that’s green

Sparkup provides tools for designing eco-friendly experiences and adheres to environmental commitments.

Carbon calculator

Sparkup integrates a solution to measure and optimize all emissions related to the organization of your events.

Sparkup is ISO50001 certified Sparkup is Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres certified Sparkup is Greentech alliance certified Sparkup is CISPE certified Sparkup is Planet Tech'Care certified

Environmental Commitment

Sparkup is ISO50001 certified and adheres to commitments that support sustainability and the European Green Deal.

No compromise on security and reliability

Sparkup meets the highest industry standards, guaranteeing unparalleled security and performance.

Sparkup is GDPR certified Sparkup is ISO27001 certified Sparkup is Tier III certified