Amplify and humanize your virtual and hybrid event experiences

Recreate an authentic feeling of cohesion, spontaneity and interactivity with Live Mosaik. Give remote attendees a front row experience and the chance to share their energy in real-time.

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Every attendee gets a front row seat

Using video boards installed at the event or studio space, Sparkup pulls live feeds of attendees for speakers to interact with in real-time. Everyone is visible, as if they were sitting there in the room. Display up to 100 000 attendees Works with any size screen - from small monitors to giant LED walls

Feel your audience’s energy

In a virtual environment, non-verbal feedback is critical! Create a visceral link between speakers and attendees so that energy and communication is boosted in both directions. Live reactions from your audience with applause and emojis Ultra-low latency broadcast for instant reaction

Give a voice to everyone

Create spontaneous conversations by allowing one or several participants to speak. Better than a mic, it’s as if your virtual audience is there live with the presenters. Enlarge one or several attendees at any time for spontaneity and impact Participants can request to talk with a "raise your hand" button

A shared immersive and interactive experience

Within a single desktop or mobile browser, everyone can watch and interact. The best part? Everyone can see themselves in the video mosaic!